The aim of this site is to gather and document the history of “The Old Cross Keys”. We have not unearthed the full history past 1830 but so far have been able to find the following information and is a work in progress

“The Cross Keys Inn” (circa 1776)was situated on Boston Road, Sutterton and is now known as “The Old Cross Keys”, “Old Cross Keys” & “Cross Keys” Sutterton

Name & Signage:

These pubs would at some stage have had strong religious links. The Cross Keys are in fact a symbol of Peter, one of the disciples who was the first leader of Jesus’s followers after his death. Peter was crucified upside down because he didn’t want to emulate his Lord’s way of dying and in subsequent images in paintings and sculptures, Peter is seen holding keys – as heaven’s guardian he was able to unlock its gates

The sign of St Peter, the gatekeeper of Heaven. Often found near a church dedicated to St Peter. When people walked to the Sunday service they often stayed afterwards, at a house near the church, to drink beer and to watch or participate in sporting events. These venues became known as “public houses” and would use the sign of the saint to which the church was dedicated – the Cross Keys for St Peter, an Eagle for St John, a Lion for St Mark. The sporting events might include the racing or fighting of dogs, bulls, cocks or pheasants, or the hunting of foxes, with or without hounds – thus giving rise to further pub signs


The earliest documented reference we have found so far is a public house license was held by a Mr Robert Hanks from 1830 – 1855

It was then owned by the Soames Brewery from an unknown date to 1949

Soames Brewery sold the Cross Keys Inn to Steward & Patteson Brewery who owned and ran it until later finally closing it on 23rd November 1966 after which it became a private residential property

The Old Cross Keys is currently owned by the Porter Family

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