Robert Hanks

Robert Hanks (18xx – 1855) was the license holder of The Cross Keys Inn in Sutterton for 25 years (1830-1855)

He also rented from the government the toll bridge crossing the river Weiland, known as Fosdyke Bridge, also the bridge spanning the river at the entrance into Boston from Kirton, for the annual sum of 1,100 pounds sterling. He had a tragic end, being drowned one dark night by falling from the Fosdyke Bridge on November 24, 1855

Robert Hanks was a remarkable character, measuring across the shoulders just three feet

He always wore silver buckled shoes, blue silk stockings with one garter of deep blue on the left leg, light blue velvet knee breeches, coat and vest of the same, with the usual cravat of the decade previous to his time, finishing off with the top silk hat of the early 17th century. Robert married 4 wives, three of whom already had families, being widows, so that he had 4 wives and 7 different families

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